I am Saber Ghazi, a photographer born in 1982 in Iran. I live in Tabriz, one of the oldest commercial cities in Iran and the Middle East, which is located on the old Silk Road.

Living in big commercial and historical cities has had great effect on my life and curiosity about different people.

I got my BA in cultural studies and MA in social communications sciences at Tabriz University of Research Sciences.


At university, I got interested in cultural studies and chose photography as a tool to recognize the complex relations of human and culture.

When I take the camera in front of my subjects in fact I’m looking for discovering my relationship with them.

My purpose is to narrate the stories behind the subjects as well as a sensational connection to the surrounding world.

My photography projects are long-term projects related to social, environmental issues and living in post-crisis and war conditions. These are related to my childhood memories, and my experiences in one of the most stressful geographical areas of the world.

The reason I am interested in long-term projects is that I try to have an honest understanding of the subject, and spending more time helps me to understand the subject better and deeper.  The two most important issues I am currently working on them are the consequences of major water-centered environmental crises, and post-war life in Iran and in the Middle East.  Most of my work focuses on narratives of human-nature interaction.